Delivering tax services you need.

Our approach to delivering tax services starts with getting a comprehensive understanding of your background, priorities, and financial outlook.

You Can Count On Clough

At Clough, our expertise is applied in an integrated approach based on identified needs. We partner with our clients to assist in tax planning, compliance, structuring, and consulting as it relates to:

  • Business
  • Estate, trust and gift
  • Personal
  • Non-Profit
  • International

Business Tax

For our business clients, navigating the complex world of corporate tax can be challenging. At Clough, we offer comprehensive tax compliance and planning services tailored to the unique needs of your business. From startup tax considerations to entity structuring, our team provides insights and strategies that are crucial for business growth and sustainability. We understand the dynamics of Midwest businesses and are equipped to handle local, state, and federal tax requirements with expertise.

Estate, Trust, and Gift Tax Planning

Managing estate, trust, and gift taxes requires careful planning and a strategic approach. Our professionals at Clough provide specialized services to help you manage these aspects effectively. We work closely with you to develop estate and gift plans that minimize tax liabilities, ensuring your legacy is preserved according to your wishes. Our approach is sensitive, confidential, and always in alignment with your long-term objectives.

Personal Tax

Personal tax planning and compliance are more than annual tax return preparation. At Clough, we offer a range of personal tax services designed to align with your individual financial goals. From tax-efficient investment strategies to navigating life changes such as marriage, retirement, or property acquisition, our team provides personalized guidance and solutions.

Non-Profit Tax

Non-profit organizations face unique tax challenges and compliance requirements. Our expertise in non-profit tax services ensures that your organization can focus on its mission rather than tax complexities. We provide guidance on issues like tax-exempt status, fundraising, and financial reporting, ensuring compliance and maximizing your organization’s potential.

International Tax

In an increasingly globalized world, international tax matters have become more prevalent for many of our clients. Clough offers international tax services that cater to both individuals and businesses with cross-border interests. Whether it’s managing foreign investments or understanding international tax treaties, our team provides the expertise needed to navigate these complex issues effectively.

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