Delivering the reports you need.

At Clough we know that accurate and timely financial reporting is vital for bank financing, regulations, and making good business decisions.

As a business owner or non-profit organization, there may come a time when a financial statement prepared by an independent certified public accountant is desired. This most often comes as a result of bank financing, raising capital, contemplating a sale of business, or regulations. We partner with our clients to achieve their financial reporting needs as it relates to:
  • Audits
  • Reviews
  • Compilations
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
Let’s get into the details about the broader context of assurance:

Clough’s emphasis on partnering with clients for their financial reporting needs underlines the evolving role of CPA firms in providing assurance services. These services are not just about compliance but are instrumental in strategic decision-making, ensuring financial health, and driving business growth. The integration of these specialized services demonstrates a comprehensive approach to meeting diverse financial and business objectives.


These provide the highest level of assurance through in-depth examination and verification of financial statements. This service is crucial for organizations seeking substantial financial undertakings like major financing or significant business transactions.


Offering a moderate level of assurance, reviews involve analytical procedures and inquiries, suitable for organizations requiring assurance for internal or less formal purposes.


These services involve presenting financial data in a statement format without providing assurance. They are ideal for smaller businesses or those requiring financial statements for limited purposes.

Agreed Upon Procedures

This flexible service involves conducting specific procedures on financial information as agreed upon with the client or third parties. This service is highly customizable, catering to specific aspects of the business or financial statements.

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